Caring For Your Car Park

Six Ways to Care for Your Car Park

Debris, fluctuating temperatures, petrol spills, standing water, weeds and heavy vehicles all work to damage the perfect flat-top of your asphalt. Time inevitably brings some changes to car parks, and some of those changes can be harmful.

Your asphalt says a lot about your company. If you keep your car park clean and crack-free, you'll give your clients a great first impression. Periodically follow these six maintenance tips to maintain your asphalt and impress your clients.

Number 1: Keep the Car Park Clear of Debris

Neat, clean car parks create fewer complaints and attract more customers. Think about it- the businesses you trust most probably maintain their car park.

There's more to the story than just keeping up appearances, though. Dirt and debris make it more difficult for water to drain from your park, which means more standing water. Pooled water can break down the asphalt surface and gather underneath in the sub base, which leads to potholesand cracks.

Sweep the area periodically and watch for surface damages. Holes and cracks are dangerous to clients, their cars and your reputation. Your asphalt repair company can give you a free quote for maintenance and repair solutions.

Number 2: Clear Basins and Drains

A blocked drain will age your new asphalt park faster than almost anything else. Remember, standingwater damages yourasphalt,and itcan be dangerous. Keep your drainsclearand functional to help your asphalt look new for years.

Number 3: Remove Oil Stains

Oil stains are a natural part ofcar park life, but stains can have serious consequences- like water, oil can leak under the asphalt's surface, weaken the structure and cause holes. Your asphalt specialists can give you tips on how to clean oil stains and keep your asphalt strong and attractive.

Number 4: Fill Up Cracks

A few smallweeds look harmless at first, but the cracks they might create could destroy your car park. When you find cracks or holes in your lot from weeds, standing water, temperature fluctuations or any other factors, contact your asphalt repair company as soon as possible. Fill cracks to prevent further damageand to eliminate liability issues.

Take care of your pot holes and large cracks immediately. A pothole expands quickly and reduces your asphalt surface integrity.

Number 5: Seal Your Car Park

You should seal larger cracks (about 2 cm or wider). Seal coating your car park slows deterioration and maintains that finished look. In fact, asphalt specialists recommend that you seal your entire park every two to three years.

Plan ahead before calling your asphalt specialists- sealing is done best in warmer temperatures (to speed drying). It will need about eight hours before clients can drive on it again. Resolve all asphalt problems, like cracking and poor drainage, before you seal or resurface your pavement. Your asphalt specialists can offer suggestions for your specific park.

Number 6: Repaint

Why not transform your car park with afresh coat of paint? Clearly marked parking stalls also decrease risk for your clients. If you notice damages to your car park in the same places over time, decide if it's worthwhile to redirect traffic. This choice may create less wear over time. Repainting can give your asphalt the new life it needs to last for years to come.

Happy Car Park, Happy Customers

Remember, your asphalt specialists are your best resource when maintaining and repairing your car park. Your car park is the first thing your clients see when they approach your business, and your well-maintained lot will communicate your care and competence. Care for your car park for great customer relations and a long-lasting car park.